Tuesday, October 05, 2010

BFF or FFB, you choose :)

The sky is very bright, today will be a good day perhaps yet the shinning of the sun makes me feel bad enough to attend class. me-so-bad, sigh.
"Familiarity Breeds Contempt"

Don't you think so? which I mean is when we know something or someone very well, we may loose respect, fear, etc.
I do think so, I first learned of this when I was around form3, and I've realised the truth of it ever since. The older I am, the truer I feel it is. Its true we do need friends in our life, but do we really need bestfriend? Er, I mean, a VERY bestfriend. I do have friends, yes a lot of friends but I don't believe in BFF.

BFF or FFB eh? Is it BestFriend Forever or FRIENDS FOR BENEFITS? :)

Well, in my opinion, we should know our limit, being nice is good but it doesn't mean we have to share eveything with everyone or someone, we don't even know we might lose him/her in future or not. I Im afraid to tell people of my big dreams, stories and secrets. Let me put those thing in my heart or else in personal journals perhaps. I do feel weird too when bestfriends gt to know everything about us and when they got into fights, they will tell others what's bad on us, our life. Annoyed.

Friends is enough, you do your own job and so do her/him, If there's a happy moment that might turn you both happy, share. Its not that I feel proud of myself that I can stand on my own but sometimes we have to stand on our own to prove that we can stand still isn't it?

Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but to be a real man is something you have to be all the time.

Do have faith. Evethough there is no one by your side, Allah swt is always with us. :)

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